Health Education 2 - Grades 11/12                          Health 2 Course Notebook Spring 2013
Health Education 2 is a course intended for upper classmen in grades 11-12 and is likely the last course full health education course students will ever have. With this in mind, classroom discussions will branch out in conjunction with questions posed by students. The course works to provide a final overview of the three parts of total health - mental/emotional, physical and social health - through the base content listed below:
  • living outside of your box
  • impact of techology on your health triangle
  • What's in you? Taking a good look at your choices, your path and your passions
  • training your brain - anxiety free learning
  • the anatomy of the stress response
  • the G.A.S. Principle
  • Coping and time management skills
  • Practical stress management
  • When life gets you down
  • nutrition/fitness
  • the importance of sleep
  • behaviors & disease
  • breast & testicular cancer/the importance of self exams & checkups
  • history of medicines/overuse of medications/the addictive process/recovery
  • complementary & alternative medicines
  • genetic diseases (Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy)
  • skin cancer
  • meningitis
  • hepatitis
  • HIV
  • HPV
  • cold/flu/H1N1 and other viruses
    • becoming a healthy consumer
    • understanding consumer rights
    • food/medicinal products
    • product safety
    • the media and its role in our choices, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and behaviors
    • recognizing a healthy relationship
    • safe use of social networking sites & the web
    • the violence and non-violence wheels
    • date rape/sexual assault/sexual harassment
    • tolerance/acceptance/perception
    • marriage & family/pregnancy & birth
    • aging/death/dying
  • Teachers:
    Ms. Marcia Mariani (
    Mr. Mark Tirone (
    Department Chair:
    Dr. Mary Kaye Rhude-Faust, NBCT, CFCS