Third Grade:

December 2013:

     In Science, students completed the chemicals unit. Students identified the physical and chemical properties of five unknown chemicals which were sugar, alum, talc, baking soda, and cornstarch.


     The Third grade students created 2014 calendars for Meals on Wheels.


     The third grade had the opportunity to see the performance, Leilani: The Hawaiian Cinderella at Conestoga High School. It was a great show!
November 2013:

   The Third grade partnered with Meals on Wheels. The students wrote Thanksgiving Turkey cards for the citizens in the community who received a Thanksgiving meal.  The children learned the importance of helping out our community.

   The dental hygienist visited the third grade classrooms to discuss the importance of brushing their teeth. Students learned how to accurately read a food label, and understand how much sugar can be in certain items.
October 2013:

In Science, students continued studying the 5 mystery chemicals. They observed the chemical reactions that occur when different liquids mix with dry chemicals.  In Social Studies, students explored 5 different Native American tribes from different parts of the US.  As the unit progressed, they compared the similarities and differences between each tribe’s diet, habitat, and customs.  In October, students began writing letters in cursive. They learned about the proper technique used to make lowercase letters.

September 2013:

In Science, students are exploring 5 mystery household chemicals. They are observing their physical properties, as well as, the chemical reactions that occur when different liquids mix with the dry chemicals. Through careful observations, the goal is to identify the mystery chemicals.

     In Social Studies, students are learning about maps and globes. The students are practicing identifying which continents and bodies of water are in which hemisphere.