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Check Email from home
Teachers may access their school email from the Internet anytime - anywhere. Teachers may click on the link and enter their network user name and password. Some computer systems require a network tag before the user name. If so, tesd\ must be entered before the user name.

Pinnacle Web Gradebook
Teachers access the Pinnacle Gradebook website to enter grades, assignments, and notes for all 5th - 12th grade students. This site is accessed only by teachers. Parents and students access the Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) to view student information.

AESOP is the online portal for substitute coverage for T/E employees. Professional staff members can access the site to report absences. Substitutes access the site to accept daily assignments.

Employee Access Center (EAC)

The Employee Access Center (EAC) provides employees with a convenient website where they can easily access their own employee information – anytime, anywhere. Employees have secure access to their payroll and personnel information including demographics, certifications and skills, benefit statements, benefit enrollment, attendance history deduction/benefit history, and payroll checks.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Using the VPN allows you to access your school folders and files, as well as IEP Plus, from home.|&NodeID=783

TEMS Computer Schedule
Reserve the library computers or one of the laptop carts using this calendar.

TEMS Testing Center Schedule
Schedule testing time for your students using this calendar.
Performance Plus
Assessment Data (Performance Tracker) and Curriculum (Curriculum Connector)
T/EMS Staff Handbook
2015-2016 Staff Handbook located here (PDF)