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Check Email From Home

Teachers may access their school email from the Internet anytime - anywhere. Teachers may click on the link and enter their network user name and password. Some computer systems require a network tag before the user name. If so, tesd\ must be entered before the user name.



AESOP is the online portal for substitute coverage for T/E employees. Professional staff members can access the site to report absences. Substitutes access the site to accept daily assignments.


Employee Access Center (EAC)

The Employee Access Center (EAC) provides employees with a convenient website where they can easily access their own employee information – anytime, anywhere. Employees have secure access to their payroll and personnel information including demographics, certifications and skills, benefit statements, benefit enrollment, attendance history deduction/benefit history, and payroll checks.


Pinnacle Gradebook (5th - 12th Grades)

Teachers access the Pinnacle Gradebook website to enter grades, assignments, and notes for all 5th - 12th grade students. This site is accessed only by teachers. Parents and students access the Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) to view student information.