Frequently Asked Questions on Tax Preparation for Seniors:

1. Does the T/E School District assist senior citizens with completing tax forms?

The T/E School District does not assist residents in completion of tax forms and applications; however, we can direct taxpayers to locations within Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships where free assistance is available.

2. The AARP Tax Aide sites only provide assistance from February 1st through April 15th. What if I need help at a time of year when the sites are not available?

If you need help before February 1st or after April 15th, you may contact Bill Angus, the AARP Tax Aide District Coordinator for Chester County at (610) 399-0515. He will try to arrange for an AARP Tax Counselor to meet you at one of the AARP sites. You may also contact Betsy Wright at the Wayne Senior Center at (610) 688-6246.

3. Can I come to the TESD Administration Offices for assistance?

We do not offer assistance at the TESD Administration Offices at this time. You may contact one of the AARP Tax Aide sites between February 1-April 15, the AARP Tax Aide District Coordinator to arrange an appointment with a Tax Counselor, or Betsy Wright at the Wayne Senior Center.

4. I don't have transportation to the AARP sites. Is there someone who can help me get to one of the locations?

Surrey Services for Seniors offers discounted minibus services, shared ride services and driver escort services. Please contact Surrey's transportation department at (610) 993-9493 for more information.

5. I would like to read over the form and instructions myself before requesting assistance. Where can I obtain a copy of the form and instructions?

The forms are available at local libraries, the T/E School District Administration Offices, 940 West Valley Road, Suite 1700, Wayne, or for download in the upper right section of this web page.

6. What kind of documentation do I need to prove that property taxes were paid?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, you must produce copies of receipted tax bills for the year being claimed. Canceled checks alone are not acceptable. The Department will accept a tax bill with a copy of the cancelled check.

If your name does not appear on the tax bills, proof of ownership must be submitted. For example, a copy of deed or a copy of the trust, will or decree of distribution if the property was inherited. If the address is not on the receipted bill or mortgage statement, a letter from your tax collector or mortgage company verifying your home address must also be submitted.

7. How do I know if I qualify for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, the Property Tax/Rent Rebate is based on the property taxes or rents you paid during the previous calendar year. Owners must have taxes paid prior to filing. Renters must have a landlord-tenant relationship. Renters must make certain their landlords were required to pay property taxes or has made a payment in leiu of tax payments on the rental property.

To file for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate you must meet each of the three following requirements:

1. You must have owned and occupied a home or rented and occupied a home, apartment, nursing home, boarding home or similar residence in Pennsylvania during the period you are claiming the rebate.

2. You or your spouse must have been at least 65 years old as of December 31 of the year claimed.


You were a widow or widower during all or part of the year claimed and must have been 50 years or older as of December 31.


You were permanently disabled during all or part of the year claimed, 18 years or older during the year, and were unable to work because of a medically determined physical or mental disability. (If you applied for Social Security Disability and were denied, you are not eligible for a rebate.)

3. Your total income, including your spouse's (who lives with you), must have been $15,000 or less if you are a renter and $35,000 or less if you are an owner. You can exclude one-half of your Social Security (SSA, SSI), State Supplemental Payment (SSP), and Railroad Retirement (Tier 1) benefits when calculating your income.