Sponsor: Mike Baskin
    This club serves as a liaison between the Conestoga community, local fire companies, and firefighter/EMTs by providing a forum for information exchange with Conestoga students who perform these services. The Club is sponsored by Mike Baskin who is the EMS Captain at Berwyn Fire Company.  Mr. Baskin can be found in the TV Studio (Rm 200) Mon-Thurs. after school. 
    Members of this club are typically students who are already members of the local fire companies, but is also open to students who are interested in joining.  The club can also support students who are too young to join and are interested in learning about the Fire/EMS community.  Students who are also interested in supporting the fire companies through fund raising and events are also encouraged.
    Meetings are as needed and are posted in hallways and announced on Good Morning Stoga.