• Happy Birthday!
    Please look at the choices below and let me know how your child would like to celebrate as the special day approaches. If your child has a summer birthday, we can celebrate in June or on his or her half birthday.
    Birthday Recess- The class will have a 10 minute indoor recess in your honor!

    Birthday Book- You may donate a book to the classroom library and be the first to read it to the class!


    Birthday Box- Decorate a box and send it into the classroom.  Each child in the class will write something a note on an index card and drop it in your box for you to take home!


    Birthday Sign- Bring in something the rest of the class can sign for you (shirt, tote bag, pillow case, stuffed animal, etc.)!


    Birthday Supplies- Our supply bins get low throughout the year and children love new things! Favorites have been dry erase markers, fancy pencils, cool erasers, or small notepads.