• Meet the Author Research Guide

    Gather & Organize Information


    The Internet

    1.       Websites








    2.       Author Interviews


      Ask a librarian if we have a DVD of your author


      Try http://www.readingrockets.org/books/interviews for author interviews


      Add “npr” to your author’s name when you search in Google



    NOTE: When you use webpages and resources on the internet, make sure you check and double check your facts. 


    1.       When was this information written or produced?

    2.       When was this website last updated?

    3.       Who wrote this information and why? Where?  With Whom?

    4.       Is the author presenting facts/ unbiased information? (Is the author is trying to convince you or change your mind)

    5.       Where did the author got his facts/information?

    6.       Am I able to check the information in another source/website?

    7.       The information is written so that I can understand it. (Are there spelling mistakes, or is the website confusing/hard to navigate?)



    Reference Books


    Authors & Artists for Young Adults           Aqua/Teal Series

    Something About the Author                     Dark Blue Series

    Major Authors & Illustrators                       Purple & Blue Series

    Literary Lifelines                                               White Series




    100 Most Popular Children’s Authors     

    Author Talk                                                                        

    Great Authors of Children’s Literature  

    Lives and Works                                                              

    Speaking for Ourselves                                

    Speaking for Ourselves, Too                      

    Supernatural Fiction Writers                      

    When I Was Your Age                                   

    Writers for Young Adults                                             



    Biographies  (On the Wall)

    All Biographies can be found under the last name of your Author

    Biographies are located on the SAME wall as the back door


    Research Project Source Checklist


    During your research, take a close look at your sources and complete the checklist below.





    Does the information come from a variety of sources?



    Are the source authorities credible?



    Are all sources relevant to the research topic?



    Do the sources provide sufficient coverage of the research topic?



    If applicable, are all sources current and up-to-date?






Last Modified on April 25, 2016