• Who is Mrs. McCann?

    In my opinion, teachers are some of the most important people in your child’s life.  Not because we know everything, but because your children spend a significant amount of time interacting with us on a daily basis.  I am sure you are aware of my official title, Mrs. Susan McCann, VFE First Grade Teacher, but that tells very little about who you are entrusting with your most precious thing – your child.  Here are a few things about me that you may or may not know!
    Three Things You May Not Know About Me
    1.  I love to bake!  Cookies, cakes, and all the things that I probably shouldn’t!  Making dinner though – I could pass on that and get take out every night!
    2.  I love to read!  Fiction, non-fiction, magazines – anything!  I love to find people who have read the same things and talk with them about whatever it might be that I found interesting.  I often pass books off to friends just so I can ensure that I can talk about them.
    3.  I love to run – slowly, but I like to do it.  My husband and I regularly sign up for 5Ks and have done a few half marathons.  If you see me and say hi, I might not hear you because my ipod is way too loud!   
    But who am I, really?
    I am a parent.  I have two children, Jacob, age 7, and Emily, age 6.  They are the most precious things in the world to me.  In many ways being a teacher has made me a better parent and being a parent has made me a better teacher.  For the time of day that your children are with me, I try to look at each one individually with the eyes of a parent, as well as those of a teacher.  I try to understand who they are as little people and love to get to know their personalities.
    I am a teacher.  I have been teaching for twenty years.  I have been lucky enough to be a member of the faculty at Valley Forge Elementary for eighteen of those years.  I have taught in third grade, first grade, various clubs (currently I facilitate the VFE Coding & Robotics club) and homework helpers.  Each experience has made me a well-rounded educator who is able to take various approaches to figure out what works best for every child on an individual basis.  I encourage every student in my room to be creative and curious, cultivate a life-long love of reading, develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, and most importantly, establish a love of learning that follows them through the rest of their lives.  I also am a big fan of STEAM activities and incorporate these into many of the things we do in the classroom.    
    I am your partner.  I have learned that parent communication is an integral part of a student’s success and motivation.  I will call or email with any concerns, questions or general comments I might have about our classroom.  Please feel free to email me with any concerns or questions.  You are the person who knows your child inside and out.  I can’t wait to work with you to make this the best first grade year for them!


Last Modified on August 12, 2019