May 4 - May 29, 2020
    Conestoga’s Senior Internship Program provides an opportunity for seniors in good standing to explore a potential career area during the month preceding their graduation.  The student, with the help of a Faculty Advisor and a Community Sponsor in a business, professional field or community service organization, designs a program of observation or hands on experience in an area of possible career interest. 
    The experience offers the student a chance to explore a chosen field and a valuable opportunity to decide whether it is a viable career option.  In addition, the student gains insights into the responsibilities involved in the world outside of school.  
    Due to an amendment to the Child Protective Services Law in July, 2015, employees who work with children through internships, externships and work study programs must complete the following three (3) background checks:  PA Criminal, PA Child Abuse and FBI Clearance.  It is only necessary that the primary contact, who is responsible for the student's safety, has the appropriate clearances. More information can be found on the Community Sponsors page or by contacting Jeanne Braun, at braunj@tesd.net.