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    Supply List 2019 - 2020

    Supply Box or Pencil Case not exceeding 8”x5” (larger sizes will not fit in desk)

    24 #2 Pencils – Sharpened

    Crayons - no more than 24 pack

    Washable Markers - 8 pack

    3 Marble Composition Books

    5 Glue sticks

    Box of Tissues



    8 White Board Markers (Low Odor)

    2 Sharpies - one extra fine point black, one fine point any color, one thick any color

    4 Highlighters

    Colored Pencils – Sharpened

    Three ring binder – 1 inch

    Manual Pencil Sharpener

    Headphones or earbuds labeled in a Ziploc baggie

    Two packages of 6 Post-its-any light or bright color

    One pair of cheap socks to be used as whiteboard erasers

    1 box of gallon sized bags