On Monday through Thursday there will typically be 3 assignments:
    Reading - read for 15 - 20 minutes

    Math - assignment from math teacher



     Monday - Word Sort


    Have your child write the spelling words on individual note cards or pieces of paper.*  Then help your child sort the words into categories.  Categories can be based on spelling patterns, letter sounds, or other criteria.  Next, have your child write the words by category on a separate sheet of paper.

    *  Keep the word cards for Wednesday's activity.


    Tuesday - Word Hunt


    Help your child search through materials at home, such as books, magazines and newspapers, for this week's spelling words. When your child finds a word, have him or her cover it up and then write the word.  Then have your child uncover the word to check and correct the spelling.

    Wednesday - Make a Word

    Have your child cut the word cards from Monday into separate letters and mix the letters up.  Then help your child use the letters to make the spelling words.


    Thursday - Practice Test


    Help your child prepare for the spelling test on Friday by giving a practice test.  Read each spelling word aloud in random order as your child writes each word one at a time.  Together, check and correct the practice test.  Have you child practice writing again any words spelled incorrectly.