• Wonders 2020 Reading Programwonders reading program

    At its February 24, 2020 regular meeting, the T/E School Board approved the purchase of a new reading program called Wonders 2020 by McGraw Hill Education. The District's Reading Program Selection Committee, consisting of administrators, teachers, learning support instructors and reading specialists, spent two years researching, analyzing and selecting the new program. The goal of the Committee was to ensure that the new reading program would address the diverse learning needs of T/E students.

    The Reading Program Selection Committee incorporated a systematic approach during the selection process:

    • Assessed the previously used curriculum
    • Analyzed the educational needs of the students within the District
    • Identified a notable rubric that would reflect these needs and be used to evaluate the new reading program
    • Reflected cutting edge practices and addressed the five pillars of reading.
    • Implemented new curricula in class to assess student reaction and adaptation
    • Provided teachers (not on the committee) with access to materials to develop familiarity and incorporate their feedback and concerns
    • Considered evaluative resources such as EdReports
    • Incorporated the input of Reading experts from CCIU, PaTTAN, and The Reading League

    One of the most important means the Committee used to evaluate the programs was the use of the rubric adapted from the National Center for Educational Evaluation. The rubric contained a plethora of components that it used for assessment. Components included but were not limited to the following areas:

    • Explicit Systematic Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Morphology Materials
    • Aligned Spelling Component
    • Content aligned with speaking, listening, vocabulary, and writing development and skills
    • Aligned with reading comprehension for literary and informational texts
    • Leveled and Decodable Texts
    • Whole group with grade level texts aligned with standards
    • Materials for Instruction and Assessment
    • EdReports “Certified”
    • Incorporable by new/sub teachers
    • Culturally Diverse

    Overview of the Wonders 2020 reading program

    Wonders 2020 Goal Completion Report