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    Hello Hillside Chorus! Welcome to our Distance Learning Chorus Rehearsal!

    Below are some activities and videos to keep singing

    away and keeping thoses singing voices melodious!

    Warm Ups: (Just like sports, musicians need to warm up their voices!)

    Sing 5 Owl "Whoos" to bring out that singing voice! 


    Saying your words clearly is important as a good singer: How fast can you say "The tip of the tongue the tip of the teeth".  

    Do you remember "Mommy made me mash my M&Ms"?


    Repertoire: (Musicians call the pieces they are working on their Repertoire)


    Fly a Kite: (this is a little different from the version we sang at school because I had rearranged it)



    Stay Awake:





    Can You Imagine That: (this is a little different from the version we sang at school because I had rearranged it)



    Trivia Challenge!  Below are some questions.  Send me an with your responses!




    1.  What are the names of the characters standing with Marry Poppins?

     Image result for mary poppins



    2.  Who are the two actresses who played Marry Poppins in the movies? Image result for mary poppins


    3. What was the address of Mr. Banks' house?


    4. Fill in the blank "That is a ______ crust promise; easily made, easily broken." Marry Poppins

    a. Pizza

    b. Thin

    c. Pie

    d. Thick

    E. Double Stuffed


    5.  The character Bert had a number of jobs throughout the movie Marry Poppins. Which was NOT one of his jobs:

    a. chimney sweep

    b. one-man-band

    c. screever artist (an artist who paits on the street)

    d. taxi cab driver



Last Modified on March 25, 2020