Mischka's Project
  • My name is Mischka. Look what I made!  It's a toy storage container that makes my toys look like waaaay more fun. Graycie said she didn't like it, but that's her playing with it. Ha!


    ***** Please note: student images are displayed with explicit parent permission and may not be copied in any way.


    Using your best design thinking skills:

    *choose a problem to solve

    *brainstorm solutions

    *sketch out a solution

    *choose your materials (recyclables are good!)

    *build your prototype (first try)

    *test it

    *make improvements

    *share with your family

    *email photos of your design AND your product side-by-side to Ms. Lucy:




  • JM JM

                                The Color Helper

  • WM

    I made an idea box to give me ideas for when I draw. I filled it ideas!

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