• Pacific Educational Group (PEG)

    In the spring of 2018, the District began a partnership with Pacific Educational Group (PEG) specifically to enhance the polices and practices around racial equity. Click here for the April 2020 Education Committee Meeting presentation on the District's work with PEG.

    As stated by PEG, the goal is to “engage in sustained partnerships with educational organizations to transform beliefs, behaviors, and results so people of all races can achieve at their highest levels and live their most empowered and powerful lives.”

    Components of the Work

    • Beyond Diversity
    • District Executive Equity Leadership Team (DELT)
    • Leadership for Racial Equity Team (LEADS)
    • Site Equity Leadership Teams (E-Teams)
    • PEG Affiliate Practitioners
    • Students Organized for Anti-Racism (SOAR)

    Beyond Diversity

    • Provides a foundation for all other work
    • Two-day seminar designed to foster thoughtful exploration of how race influences the culture and climate of our schools and to practice strategies for engaging in conversations around issues related to race
    • Offered August of 2018 and 2019
    • Approximately 150 participants to date – faculty, administrators, support staff and School Board members