• Family Selection for 2020-2021 School Year 

    At its July 31, 2020 meeting, the School Board approved reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year.  All TESD learning plans will include live, synchronous virtual instruction for students.

    TESD Commitment Form 

    In order to begin logistical planning for the upcoming school year, TESD needs to know how many students will be selecting each of the two instructional options. TESD families had the opportunity to choose between two instructional options this school year using the TESD Commitment Form, which was due August 12, 2020. The options include a blend of in-person and virtual instruction or for 100% virtual instruction. 

    Families who did not submit the form by August 12 may contact their child's school directly to indicate their selection.
     While families are able to change their selection through September 11, any change after August 12 could result in an adjustment to your child’s schedule or teacher. It is the expectation that selections made by August 12 will be set in place until after the Thanksgiving Recess (November 24). Any changes between August 12 and September 11 will need to be communicated directly to your child’s school. Families do not need to select the same option for all children in the household. The District regrets that it is unable to accommodate any requests to switch in-person alphabetical groupings.

    Key dates regarding your selection:

    • August 12, 2020 - Deadline to submit TESD Commitment Form for each child attending TESD schools.
    • September 11, 2020 – Last day to change Option 1 or Option 2 selection.
    • November 24, 2020 – Date by which student selections will be maintained after September 11, 2020.

    Bus Transportation

    In addition to selecting an instructional choice, parents who selected Option 1 were asked to indicate on the TESD Commitment Form whether they will need T/E bus transportation this school year. Bus transportation will be available; however, it is not possible to consistently maintain social distancing of 6 feet on school buses. If feasible, the District is asking parents to drive their child to and from school to reduce the number of students on buses.  

    The 2020-2021 school year will begin with virtual instruction on August 31 for grades 1-12 and September 8 for kindergarten students. Virtual instruction will continue for all grades through at least September 21. Understanding that the nature of pandemic conditions and guidance continue to evolve, if school buildings are open for students, TESD will have options for blended, in-person instruction or continued all-virtual instruction.

    • Option 1 (after September 21 if pandemic conditions permit) is a blend of in-school and virtual instruction
      • Students whose last names begin with A-K will attend school in-person on Monday and Tuesday and virtually on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. *
      • Students whose last names begin with L-Z will attend school in-person on Thursday and Friday and virtually on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. *
      • In-person instruction will require symptom screening, social distancing and face coverings.
      • Classroom instruction will be modified with students separated in rows to conform with health and safety requirements.

    * Currently, it is projected that students will be in the building for 2 days in this model. Please note that the number of days students will be in the school building will be determined by the current pandemic phase, guidance on social distancing, gathering size limitations and the number of families that select in-person instruction.

    • Option 2 is 100% virtual instruction
      • Synchronous, live classroom instruction will be broadcasted to the student’s home. There will also be some asynchronous instructional activities.
      • Students will follow the same schedule as students learning in-person.
      • The TESD curriculum will be delivered by TESD teachers

    Families who selected Option 1 for their children will transition to in-person instruction, if pandemic conditions permit, after September 21.  The District understands there are many factors to consider when selecting an instructional option for your child. Please visit the Reopening Schools section of the TESD website and the FAQs for additional information on the reopening plans and instructional models.