• 8th Grade


    This School Year, VFMS will be participating in a school-wide art project, every student needs to provide 1 box of 16 crayons and 1 empty shoe box!!! Check back to see what we create!!!


      1 Flashdrive/USB (2GB minimum)
      2 - 1.5" 3 Ring Binders
      2 sets of dividers (5 tab set)
      1 bound notebook

      3 spiral bound notebooks
      3 - 2 pocket folders (different colors recommended)
      1 tablet 1/4" Graph Paper
      2 packets Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (1/semester)
      4 boxes Dixon-Ticonderoga Pencils (1/marking period)
      Pens (blue, black, and red - no rubber grips)
      Fine Tip Black Permanent Markers (Fine & Ultra Fine)
      Colored Pencils
      Ruler with Metric & Inch (with 3 holes for binder)
      Calculator  (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry students will need a graphing calculator:  
                           TI-84+  [Texas Instruments] is the model number recommended and used at Conestoga)

      Pencil Case

      3 brown paper bags to be used for book covers. NO BOOK SOCKS.
      2 boxes of tissues (To be delivered to your Homebase teacher.)