• School Store

    School supplies and specialty items are sold at the Beaumont School Store. The Store is located in the school lobby. MASH members staff the Store and the profits from sales benefit the annual MASH projects such as the SPCA, the Philadelphia Zoo, or other worthy causes. Click MASH for more information about the program. OPEN:Most Mondays and Fridays 8:50-9:05 a.m.
    SCHOOL STORE PRICE LIST Pencil cap erasers - 2 for $.05; Rulers - $.30/.75; Compass - $.60; Protractor - $.35; Erasable pen - $.75; Memo booklets - $.75; Portfolios - $1.00; Report Covers - $.30; Glue sticks - $.65; Markers - $3.00-3.50; Pencil Grips $.20-.25; Mechanical pencils $.60; Pencil Cases $.75; Variety of erasers $.20-.60.
    All items are less than $1.00 and the inventory varies. Holiday and novelty items are carried as well as staplers, staples, white out, and more. Availability and prices may vary and students are encouraged to request items not in stock.  PLEASE PATRONIZE BEAUMONT'S SCHOOL STORE. We need your support!