Dear Parents,
     Birthdays are an important day in your child’s life! In an effort to remain festive but at the same time accommodate allergies and other health concerns, I ask that celebrations be strictly non-food based. Please look at the choices below and as the special day comes around let me know (the day before) how your child would like to celebrate! Summer birthdays will be included during the closest month we’re in school.  
    Listed below are the fun options:
    Birthday Recess- The class will have extra indoor or outdoor recess in your honor!
    Birthday Book- You may donate a book to the classroom library and be the first to read it to the class!
    Birthday Game- Donate an indoor recess game to the classroom! You can show us the rules and be the first one to play during an indoor recess.
    Birthday Sign- Bring in something the rest of the class can sign for you (shirt, tote bag, pillow case, stuffed animal, etc.)!
    Birthday Show and Tell- You can make a poster all about you and read it the class. Bring along some of your favorite things to share too!
    Birthday Favor- The children love new things! Favorites have been fancy pencils, erasers, grips, small notepads, smelly stickers/ pencils, etc.
Last Modified on September 11, 2018