Below you will find a list of websites that I find useful.  Some review concepts that we have learned about in class, while others are just for fun!  Be sure to check back often as I’ll be updating this page as we learn about new topics.



    Language Arts:


         This website has several language arts games!  Play by yourself or challenge another player online.


         This site has is an index of many websites that emphasize reading, grammar, and phonics skills. 


           Created by Earobics, Game Goo is full of fun games that reinforce essential phonics skills.


    Read, Write, Think offers an index of websites that contain games to reinforce language arts     concepts such as alphabetical order, sentence mechanics, and phonics.  It has links to sites that allow you to create poems, crossword puzzles, and much more!


    Roy the Zebra presents… reading games!  You’ll find a collection of games that correlate with our first grade word study program.


    This website allows you to type in the words you would like to practice and then play games to learn those words.  You can even be tested on the words when you’re done!  This is a great way to practice word wall words in your child’s weekly homework.


    Starfall has a collection of games that “motivate children to read with phonics.”  It also has special themed games for the seasons and several holidays. 





    This website has several math games!  Play by yourself or challenge another player online.


    Abc.net provides 15 games to practice various math skills. 


    There is a dog trapped on a roof!  Help Dude save him by using your math skills to move his heliocopter.


    Home School Math:  http://www.homeschoolmath.net

    Home School Math has a ton of worksheets, games, videos and quizzes to support math learning at home!


    Houghton Mifflin Math:  http://www.eduplace.com/kids/mw/

    Houghton Mifflin is a math curriculum used in many schools.  They have a site filled with fun games, brain teasers, and extra practice to sharpen your child’s math skills.


    This site has games for addition, subtraction, sequencing numbers, fractions, and more!  The kids love the spooky games entitled “ghost blasters.”


    This site has is an index of many websites that offer games to practice essential math concepts covered in first grade curriculum.


    Let your brain have some fun with these great math games!  There are simple computation games as well as difficult word problems and logic puzzles.


    Sadlier-Oxford:  http://www.sadlier-oxford.com/math/      

    Don’t worry about a username or password, just go to the “student” or “family” section for lots of fun math activities and practice worksheets that you can print and complete at home!

    Social Studies:


    The Museum of Online Museums is a list of museums that offer online exhibits.  This provides a compact selection of gallery resources.


    Google Earth:  http://earth.google.com/

    Fly anywhere on our planet using Google Earth!  You can see satellite images, maps, and photographs of places all over the globe.





    This site is dedicated to the sounds of nature.  Students can learn about nature's sounds while playing games, building their own soundscapes or simply learning about what sound is.  This link is particularly fun: The mosquito  You can compare your hearing to that of other animals.



    Just for Fun:


              This website has some educational games and some things that are simply for fun.  Enjoy looking around!


            Fun Brain has education games for math and reading as well as an “arcade” and “playground” that are just for fun!


    PBS Kids:  http://pbskids.org

    PBS created a website just for kids!  You’ll find educational games and activities as well as fun links to PBS Kids shows.


    This site has games for all subject areas but it also has fun puzzles and various other activities.


    Join your favorite story characters as you play games, watch videos, and listen to stories.








Last Modified on February 20, 2014