• Shoes:
    Safety comes first in the gymnasium, and students must wear proper footwear to be able to participate in Physical Education class.  Sneakers that have laces or velcro straps are preferred.  Sneakers that slip-on tend to come off once they are broken in.  Keens are acceptable, but not the best. 
    Boots and shoes with  high heels, wheelies or backless shoes are not appropriate for class.  Brands of shoes such as TEVA's, UGGS and Crocs are not considered sneakers. Snow boots are not acceptable footwear for activity either.   
    Students not wearing proper footwear will not be able to participate in class activities. Please consider having your child wear or bring sneakers to school everyday so they are prepared for in class in the event that it is a Physical Education class day.
    Children are going to be active and in some cases performing fitness activities on the floor or on scooters.  Please encourage your child to dress comfortably.  Shorts or pants are preferable to skirts and dresses.
Last Modified on September 6, 2018