• popcorn   Popcorn Words
    Popcorn words are words that "pop up" frequently in reading and writing.  Here are some fun ideas for working with the words at home.  Click here for a list of our popcorn words..
    • Copy the words onto index cards and store them in a sandwich bag or small envelope.  You can do many things with the index cards:
      • Cut between each letter to make word puzzles. 
      • Make a second set of index cards and play concentration.
      • Arrange the cards on the floor.  Toss a bean, a penny, or a small beanbag, and read the word it lands on. 
      • Sort the cards by the first vowel in the words. 
    • Write the words in fun ways:
      • Write in shaving cream on the table or on a cookie sheet. 
      • Use a paintbrush or small sponge and water on a tabletop, and watch it evaporate. 
      • Put pudding in a zipper bag (or double bag for extra security) and use a finger to write. 
      • Write with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk or driveway.
    • Cut letters from sandpaper, and use the letters to build words.  You can use a finger to trace the letters, or use the side of a crayon to make a rubbing of the word.
    • Use letter magnets to make the words.
    • Put the words in ABC order.
    • Search for the words in a book, and write them on a sticky note each time you find them.
    • Use a magazine or newspaper.  You can cut out the words, or cut out individual letters and glue them on a piece of paper.
    • Type the words on a computer.  Use different fonts, colors and sizes.
    • Make a word seek, crossword, or other puzzle.  Free puzzlemaker software is available here.
    Clipart by Laura Strickland at MyCuteGraphics.com  Free Clip Art