• Discipline
    To ensure the rights, privileges and safety of all elementary students, the following guidelines are in place to some degree in each school. The listing is not inclusive but meant to be a guide for fair and equitable treatment of students. The administration will exercise its discretion in making judgments regarding behavioral issues not listed within these guidelines.


    Disciplinary Measures
    Disruptive behavior in classroom, cafeteria, library, assemblies, fire drill, field trips, social events or other school sponsored events.
    1. Warning Given
    2. Time Out
    3. Parent Contact
    4. Possible Suspension
    Physical injury caused by fighting.
    1. Parent Contact
    2. After School Detention
    3. Suspension
    Possession of Weapons
    See Attached Policy #5114.2
    Destruction of student or school property
    1. Parent Contact
    2. Restitution in some manner
    3. Possible Suspension
    Bus Offenses
    1. Warning
    2. Written Notification
    3. Parent Contact
    4. Bus Suspension 3 days
    5. Bus Suspension 5 days – Approved by Superintendent
    1. Parent Contact
    2. Report to administration
    3. Possible Suspension