• General Behavioral Guidelines
    All five elementary schools hold discipline expectations for students, which are consistent among all staff members regardless of the location or grade level in the building. A primary goal of the school is to nurture the concept of self-discipline and respect for others. The following guidelines are to be reviewed by students and their parents annually at the beginning of school and referenced frequently throughout the year:

    1. Students should always walk and stay to the right when traveling to and from classes.
    2. Quiet voices are to be used.
    3. Students must keep their hands to themselves.
    4. Students are not to linger in bathrooms.
    Office Area
    1. Students should be considerate of those working and wait their turn to speak.
    2. The office telephones are not to be used unless it is an emergency.
    1. Students should enter and exit quietly.
    2. Students should remain seated unless following routines of trash disposal, snack or bathroom use.
    3. Students shall demonstrate appropriate table manners.
    4. Nothing should ever be thrown in the cafeteria.
    5. Running is not permitted at any time.
    6. When finished eating, students should leave the area clean and respect others’ space.
    7. Students should not lend or borrow money from each other.
    8. Students must be silent for announcements and follow directions of the cafeteria monitors.

    While each grade level or division constructs specific rule for recess behavior, the following are common in all schools:
    1. Students must play safely only in designated areas and remain within playground boundaries.
    2. Fighting or games involving body contact are not permitted at any time.
    3. Students should use equipment and supplies in a safe and appropriate manner.
    4. Any serious problem involving equipment or injury should be reported to the teacher on duty immediately.
    5. Students may not play on ice or throw snowballs.
    6. When hearing the bell, students should line up quickly and quietly.
    7. A request not to participate in outdoor recess due to health reasons requires a note from a parent for one day or from a physician for an extended amount of time.
    Indoor Recess
    1. Students must remain in the classroom unless given permission by the teacher on duty to leave the room.
    2. Activities and equipment should be appropriate for an indoor setting and approved by each grade level team.
    1. The same conduct that is expected in the classroom should be observed on the bus.
    2. Students should walk on and off the bus.
    3. Quiet voices should be used. Students must remain seated and keep their hands to themselves.
    4. Head, hands and feet must be kept inside the bus.
    5. Students should not eat or drink while riding the bus.
    6. Nothing is to be thrown out of windows. No profane language is permitted at any time.
    7. The bus should be kept clean and students should not tamper with any equipment.