• Physical Education
    Welcome to the VFE Physical Education website. Here at VFE, your child will have Mr. Alex Johnson for Physical Education.
    Physical Education contributes to the well being of students through participation in activities designed to meet their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. It is a tool used to develop individual values of good citizenship and sportsmanship for real-life situations. As students move through the elementary grades, there is an increased degree of difficulty in skills and a greater emphasis on team play. The program is designed to provide equal opportunities for all students to participate in physical activities that promote self-confidence and the ability to work in coeducational groups. Our physical education program includes:
    Kindergarten and First Grade
    Grades 2, 3, and 4
    • locomotive skills
    • eye hand coordination
    • ball handling skills
    • introduction to stunts, tumbling and apparatus
    • game type activities
    • movement and posture education
    • problem solving
    • physical fitness testing
    • start of formal exercise
    • stunts, tumbling, apparatus rhythm and dance
    • life time sports
    • team sports
    • citizenship/sportsmanship
    • problem solving
    AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS (Intramurals)
    Valley Forge Elementary School offers an intramural after-school program for second, third and fourth grade students. The program is conducted one day a week for each grade level. The program runs from 3:25 to 4:25 p.m. Students can participate in one of the two seven-week sessions. Session one runs from approximately the middle of November through the first week of January. Session two runs from approximately the second week of January through the last week of March . If the day assigned to a grade needs to be changed for session 2 - advance notice will be given. If you would like more information please contact Mr. Johnson.
    Students participating in the after school sports, must turn in the signed parent permission slip, the insurance waiver or proof of school insurance and a behavior contract. These forms are sent out in the beginning of the school year. If you did not receive one and would like your child to participate in this program please contact Mr. Johnson.
    Parents are responsible for providing or arranging transportation home from the after school sports program. Students must be picked up promptly at 4:25.
    Sometimes after school sports needs to be canceled unexpectedly during the school day. Parents need to have a contingency plan set up so that the child will know what to do in this situation.
    The emphasis of the program is placed on providing activities to complement and supplement the regular physical education program for all children who desire to participate. All activities provide opportunities for the students to be physically active, interact with their peers, and have fun. Cooperation and sportsmanship are encouraged throughout the activities.
Last Modified on August 15, 2011