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Don't forget to log in to your online textbook!  Watch the videos, work in the eWorkbook, do the practice problems from the "wiggly pencil," and go through any of the worksheets available! 
Simplifying fractions (numbers only, no variables) practice that gets more difficult the higher you score. 
Play as a solo player (team) or against a friend (on the same computer).  Questions are about factors, multiples, and GCF/LCM.  Numbers only, no variables. 
Includes percents (which we have not reviewed) but also rational numbers including fractions and decimals.  
Use the proper symbols to compare, get hints.  Fairly difficult problems! 
You choose the level and type, then get 'em in order!  
Play as a solo player or against a friend on the same computer.
Keep track of time, problems attempted, and your score.   
Practice PFAC with trees (prime factorization).  Numbers only, no variables. 
Review your knowledge of divisibility rules in this game.
Test your knowledge of identifying prime numbers at three different levels.
Increasing levels of difficulty matching equivalent fractions.  Numbers only, no variables. 
A worksheet with examples of all types of algebraic fractions - including explanations of what can and can't be simplified.  7 practice problems at the bottom of the last page - SPOILER ALERT! Practice problem answers are right underneath the problems! 
4 minutes of review! 
Review problems with explanations and plenty of examples.  Then 6 practice problems at the end with answers & explanations. 
on simplifying and exponents.  You decide how many and the type of problem.  Also create an answer key! 
Type in your answer and submit to move to the next problem. 
Choose from a variety of practice activities with exponents, variables, and multiplying and dividing terms.
Given the number, convert into scientific notation.
Also here for negative exponents. 
Timed game where you fill in what's missing.
Test your skills alone or against friends on the same computer. 
Including word problem applications category! 
2 different types of missing lengths plus checking. 
One or two players on the same computer 
Self-checking with some good word problem applications. 
Lots of practice here! 
Video review of multiplying positive and negative BASES.
via youtube - have to watch at home
Video review of what a negative exponent or zero exponent means
via youtube - have to watch at home
You pick the high and low values for the bases and exponents, the site generates practice problems for you!
rational numbers
rational numbers
rational numbers
Answer key to cube root practice
Documents you may want an additional blank copy of:
Miniquiz 2
 Peck vs Parker 70 problems  (with answers) 
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