• Senior Year Timeline


    ___      Register for ACT/SAT, if needed.

    ___      Go onto the Common Application website (www.commonapp.org) to create a username and  password (even if you are not planning on using the common application).

    ___      Logon to Naviance. 

    ___      Go to “My Colleges” and a privacy note will appear.  Click on “Yes, I do waive my right…”  See your counselor if you would like more information about this step

    ___      Work on your college essays.

    ___      Verify your transcript in September.

    ___     Solidify Senior Schedule – Double check with your counselor to make sure you have all necessary core electives, PE requirements, etc. for graduation.

    ___       Be sure you completed your Junior Questionnaire on Naviance and clicked “Save and I am finished”.

    ___       Attend College Application Evening in September.

    ___      VISIT, VISIT, VISIT

    ___       Review your post-high school plans with your counselor.

    ___       Teacher Recommendations – check with teachers about what you need to do.

    ___       Finalize college essays - see Mrs. Zahn in the library and/or your English teacher to revise, edit, re-write…

    ___       Attend college conferences with visiting Admissions Representatives. Sign up for visits on Naviance.

    ___       Be aware of deadlines: Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision.

    ___       Complete your FAFSA form after October 1. 

    When you are ready to apply:

    ___      Share a finalized list of colleges with your counselor.

    ___      Log back onto Naviance and move colleges from “colleges I’m thinking about” to “colleges I’m Applying to ” and then check the box labeled “I have submitted my application”.  Click “Update Colleges”.

    ___      Use the Common Application, if possible. Very important for electronic submission. (Save a paper copy for your files).

    ___      If you plan to apply to the  University of Florida or University of Maryland, you will be instructed to use the Coalition Application (mycoalition.org). Please see your counselor for further instructions.

    ___      Meet with counselor to complete “College Application Data Sheet”

    ___      Send ACT/SAT scores to colleges directly from collegeboard.com and/or actstudent.org


    ___       Follow up with all colleges/universities regarding application materials being received.

    ___       Be aware of scholarship deadlines.

    ___     Inform counselors of admissions decisions as you receive them, and post them to your Naviance  account.

    ___       Review your options: compare Financial Aid packages.

    ___       Withdrawal applications from the schools that have accepted you that you will not be attending.

    ___        Send in your deposit.

    ___      Students with a 504/IEP, plan accordingly to obtain accommodations at your college or university.  For more information, visit   https://www.tesd.net/Page/12071.