• Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions




    Will my son/daughter be expected to bring a device?


    What happens if it gets lost/stolen/broken?


    Will other students be allowed to use my student’s device?


    How is my personal information/confidential files on my device being protected?


    How will my child be protected on the internet?


    Where will the device be kept?

    Who will provide technical assistance? 


    My student doesn’t know how to use some of the programs you use at school- who will teach them?


    What are they going to do with their devices at school?


    Why is the district doing this?


    We don’t have the technology- will the district provide it for my child?


    I don’t want my child to participate in this program.  Can I opt out?





    Am I expected to participate in the BYOT program?


    Do I need to allow the use of devices in the classroom?

    Who will trouble shoot?


    What is the procedure for disciplinary actions if they violate conduct codes?


    Can I still confiscate devices if a class policy is broken?

    What professional development will be provided?

    Will I be able to bring my own devices?


    What if some students do not have access to a device?

    How I know if the programs are loaded for my lesson?


    Is this going to effect reliability and continuity of my accessing and using the files I need?

    What if a device is stolen from my room?


    What if students record what the teacher is doing in the classroom and distort it/post it online?  Or if they post videos/photos of each other?


    What training will be provided regarding lesson planning, academic integrity (cheating), etc.


    How do we ensure academic integrity?


    What if I don’t know how to use the students’ devices?





    When can I use my device?


    Do I have to use the district’s network?


    What happens if it is stolen or broken? 


    What if someone else breaks my device?


    What happens if my teacher confiscates my device and I need it for a class later in the day?


    Why are sites blocked even when I am using my own device?

    Will I be expected to share my device?


    Will I be expected to use my device for academic purposes?


    Can I print from my device on the school printers?

    Where can I save my files?






    • This will improve the use of idle time- students can use their devices while waiting for class to start, etc. allowing them to use those minutes to complete work/homework/projects and lighten their load outside of school hours.


    • Digital textbooks are much cheaper than traditional textooks


    • eReaders- many books are offered for free.  The Chester County library also now allows you to “check out” ebooks.  This would alleviate the district’s need to purchase class sets of books. 


    • Craft a policy or belief statement that it is not okay to record (video) anything that is happening in the classroom unless it is required for a project.