Now that my child is registered, how do I acquire an instrument?
    A list of available music vendors is located under the Music Vendor link on my teacher page.  You may choose to rent or purchase an instrument from the vendor of your choice.  Students will need to bring their instrument/book/supplies to their first lesson.
    When do lessons begin?
    Lessons will begin in September.
    What lesson book are we using?
    1. Band-  
           -   Standard of Excellence, by Bruce Pearson, Neil A. Kjos Music Co.
    2. Strings-  

    ·      Grade 3 & 4– Essential Elements 2000 

    How do I know what day/time my lesson is?
    A monthly music calendar is generated to help students and parents track lessons.  Your child will have their lesson on the same Cycle Day not day of the week.  Lesson times occur on a rotating basis to ensure that students do not miss the same special/flex core time consistently.
    Monthly Music Calendar-
    Each month I create a music calendar to reflect Band, String, and Chorus lessons and rehearsals.  Paper copies are distributed to the students in lessons.  In addition, I will email a copy of the calendar to all parents who have registered their email during sign-ups. 
    How will I know what group I am in?
    1. Band lesson groups are named by the instrument that your child has registered for.  
    2. String instrument groups are indicated by a number and letter.  For example, if your child is a 3rd grader playing violin, they may be is group 3A.  If your child is a 4th grader playing cello they may be is group 4A.  
    *Your child will be notified as to what instrument group they are in PRIOR to their first lesson.  We suggest that students write their group name inside of their lesson book.
    What is the difference between Lessons and Rehearsals?
    1. Lessons occur during the school day (We refer to them as Band and String Lessons)
    2. Rehearsals occur BEFORE the school day (8:15AM).  (We refer to them as Band, Orchestra, and Chorus) 
    When do Rehearsals begin?
    1. Chorus and 4th Grade Orchestra begin in September and continue throughout the entire school year.
    2. 4th Grade Band and 3rd Grade Orchestra begin in January
    How long should I be practicing?
    Practice is essential to ensure success at an instrument.  We recommend that students practice 4 days a week for 10-15 minutes.  Students who are most successful practice regularly and have an established practice routine.  A weekly practice chart is located on the front page of your child's lesson book.  
    What if I am not musical and my child is having difficulty practicing at home?
    Please reach out to Mrs. Hedenberg and Miss Reed.  We have many techniques and resources that we can share to promote a positive practice experience that is unique to your child's needs.   
Last Modified on October 4, 2019