• Stoga Style
    Co-Presidents: Melissa Lopez, Maddy Prachar, and Megan Woods
    PR and Communications (Secretary): Anna Delaney
    Treasurer: Hannah Sullivan
    The students in this club colloborate with others to express and encourage indiviual style throughout the Conestoga community. There are 3 sections to the club so that members can pick the sections that cater to their interests in the broad spectrum of fashion.
    Section 1: Fashion and Design- Members will learn how to sketch, follow and/or make a pattern, and sew garments. They will learn the process of creating their own fashion line from finding inspiration, to designing, to finally making their sketches into a reality.
    Section 2: Stoga Style Blog- Members of the club will collaborate together to create a personal style blog that depicts students of Conestoga's outfits, forecast trends, and post tutorials on styling, hair, and make-up. The blog is meant solely to encourage the students here at Conestoga to be confident in what they wear and does not dictate what is "right" and "wrong".
    Section 3: Community Service- Stoga Style is commited to helping our community through fashion. We will hold clothing drives, fashion shows to raise funds for charity, and hopefully create partnerships with other philanthropic organizations. (Every member will participate in this aspect)
    Want to learn more? Visit our Prezi!