ConKerr Cancer is now Ryan's Case for Smiles!
    A Special Place in Conestoga's Community
    Sponsor:  Ms. Marcia (Marci) Mariani & The Conestoga Peer Mediation Team
    Ryan's Case for Smiles: This is a hands-on service club whose goal is to bring students together through sewing pillow cases for children with cancer.  It was founded by Conestoga Student Ryan Kerr and his mom Cindy Kerr with the help of his teammates on the Peer Mediation Team. What began as a branch of the Peer Mediation Team at Conestoga has now become a stand-alone club here at CHS as Ryan's mom continues to be a familiar face as the club's off-campus advisor. Pillow cases created by Conestoga students are donated to hospitals through the Ryan's Case for Smiles Organization - still led by its' founder Cindy Kerr. For more on the full story of Ryan's Case for Smiles, Ryan and his mom Cindy Kerr - as well as an update on how the organization has grown and continued to fulfill its mission - go to www.acaseforsmiles.org.
    Fundraising: You will see us passing cans in cooperation with Conestoga Football each year at football games. All donations received are used for the purchase of sewing machines, sewing supplies, machine repair and cloth/material for making pillow cases.
    The Kerrage Scholarship Award: Each year, $1000-$2000 of the donations received by this organzation are deposited into a TESD scholarship savings account for this award. The scholarship is presented in memory of Ryan Kerr (former Peer Mediator and founder of ConKerr Cancer Club) to a student who has battled life-changing conditions and plans to pursue post-high school education.
    The Compassionate Teacher Award: This award is presented by the Kerr Family each year to the teacher selected via a student voting process to demontrate the following qualities:
    • A deep commitment to his or her students
    • Display of great compassion in his or her relationship with students - especially those who face the greatest challenges
    • Exemplifies a love of his or her profession