• Keystone Exams - June 2021 

    On April 16, the following letter was emailed to families of a child enrolled in a Keystone triggered course. Please review portions of the email below. 

    April 2021 Update: I am writing to provide you with an update on Keystone Exams (Algebra 1, Biology, Literature) that applies to your child(ren). Considering the circumstances of the pandemic, the state has made changes to the Keystone Exams for this school year, including flexibility on test dates and a waiver of the 95% participation rate requirement. Regardless of whether students are attending school virtually or in person, in order to participate, students must be present in person during the administration of the Keystone Exams, as there is no option for virtual testing. Health and safety procedures will be in place, including daily symptom screening, masking, and maintaining six feet of physical distancing to the extent possible but no less than three feet. With this in mind, you have the option to have your child(ren) participate or not participate in Keystone Exams testing this school year.   

    The Keystone Exams will be administered as follows:  

    June 9 – Algebra I  

    June 10 – Biology  

    June 11 – Literature  

    According to the state, it is a graduation requirement for students in the class of 2023 (current grade 10 students) and beyond to demonstrate proficiency in Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature through one of four pathways. Additional information from the Pennsylvania Department of Education regarding these pathways can be found at the Statewide High School Graduation Requirement portion of the PA Department of Education’s website. As soon as a student is enrolled in their first course related to the three Keystone Exams, we begin to keep track of which pathway they are using to meet the requirements.

    Whether or not you choose to have your child(ren) participate in Keystone Exams testing at this time, students must still achieve the graduation requirement through one of the four pathways as detailed in the following link: Keystone Exam Paths to Proficiency. Additional information related to the Keystone Exams can be found on the District website at T/E School District's Approach to Keystone Exams.

    If you would prefer to have your child(ren) NOT participate in Keystone Exams testing this school year, then there are two options for non-participation which are outlined below:  

    1. Since the state has granted a waiver of the 95% participation rate requirement, you may choose not to have your child(ren) participate.  
    2. The state provides for the right of parents/guardians to excuse their child(ren) from Keystone Exams testing if, upon inspection of the testing materials, the assessment is in conflict with their religious beliefs. An option will be included in the form which can be accessed using the link at the end of this letter for parents/guardians who wish to review the assessment materials.  

    More information about testing schedule will be shared prior to the test dates.


    Keystone Exams – General Information 

    As required by the state, Keystone Exams are administered to students in the T/E School District currently enrolled in Algebra 1, Biology and Literature. Keystone Exams are state-required tests currently planned for three purposes: student accountability, school accountability and teacher accountability   

    T/E's Approach to Keystone Exams 


    Keystone Exams Frequently Asked Questions 


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