• Club Advisors: Mr. Bob Desipio and Mrs. Kristen Whitaker


    Since the SAT is a crucial factor in college admissions, we have created a club to help improve your score. The club is run by the top 1% percent of test takers (99th percentile), who will focus on your strengths and weaknesses to ensure that you are confident and ready come test day. This club includes a multitude of resources for the SAT and PSAT, you can also sign up for tutoring in specific sections (reading, writing, and math). Prep books are available to check out where you can get the most useful practice tests to score the highest on your upcoming test. This is a community where you can learn tips, ask questions, practice test taking, and build an effective schedule for success. 

     If you have any questions, please reach out to any of us at: 

    22arorav@tesdk12.net - Varnikaa 

    22chettys@tesdk12.net - Shayl 

    22sitarams@tesdk12.net - Shrey 

    22huangw@tesdk12.net - Will