• Virtual ID / Traditional ID

    Conestoga High School will be continuing the contract with Barksdale Photography and High 5 ID to deliver a virtual ID card issued on a student’s cell phone in addition to the traditional plastic ID card. Students will continue to use their ID cards as normal but without the necessity of waiting for an ID (Late September) to be issued or waiting for a replacement card if misplaced. Virtual and traditional cards will be accepted at school and should be accepted at other institutions or for other purposes, such as SAT identification, students discount locations, and so forth.

    The use of a virtual ID card will allow students the ability to use their ID for proper identification purposes outside of Conestoga High School to create a contactless delivery of student identification and enforcement. For ease of entry and exit, students will use their virtual or traditional ID cards to access their lunch, early arrival, or early dismissal privileges. The use of a virtual ID card and a traditional ID card will allow us to process these privileges in a more efficient and expedient manner.

    All students will still be issued a traditional ID card. The virtual ID card will be available on your child’s cell phone through the internet (not an app). If you prefer that your child NOT participate in the virtual ID card program, please email Ms. Alyssa Myers (myersa@tesd.net) no later than August 25th to remove your child from the program. You should have received an email from Conestoga High School concerning logging into the program through your cell phone and activating their account. Afterwards, the link may be sent to your child’s cell phone. If you have questions about the virtual ID program, please feel free to call Dr. Patrick Boyle at 610-240-1029 or contact him by email at boylep@tesd.net. Thank you.