• Conestoga Clubs and Activities
    Conestoga High School is very proud of its co-curricular and athletic offerings, and we believe high school should be a time of exploration and discovery. We encourage our students to become involved in as many activities and athletic endeavors as they can reasonably manage and still contribute in a meaningful way. By participating in multiple activities and athletics, students will enjoy a stronger sense of school community while exploring future interests and vocations. It is our goal to help students enrich their high school experience through involvement in clubs, activities and athletics.
    Administrators, teachers, parents and students will work together to accommodate each student's unique talents and interests. We do, however, understand that from time to time a student will be involved in activities which have simultaneous or overlapping obligations. In this case, students should take the responsibility of informing their coaches or sponsors of the conflict before the scheduled event or activity. By doing so, coaches and sponsors can help students plan for these conflicting commitments. Coaches and sponsors will be flexible and understanding about overlapping obligations, but must also keep in mind the best interests of the team or club in making decisions about such issues as playing time and leadership positions. The administration will support the efforts of the students who demonstrate the life skills of responsibility and planning.
    Interested in joining an existing club?
    Review the current Club List with Schoology Codes. An updated list of clubs will also be posted on the Student Activities page in Schoology in the Resource section. All students have an opportunity to sign up for activities at the beginning of the school year but may join most clubs anytime throughout the year. Once a student joins a club, they will be encouraged to join the club's Schoology group in order to receive announcements about meetings. Questions about a specific activity should be directed to the faculty advisor or to the Assistant Principal in room 208. Find information about a specific club's activities in the club's Schoology group.  
    Interested in starting a new club?
    Students who would like to start a new club or activity should complete a Request for New Activity Form and return it to the Assistant Principal in the Activities Office, room 208, on or after October 1st, 2023. The form requires a description of the new club’s objectives, name of a faculty advisor and a list of at least twenty interested students. The completed form should be submitted to the Activities Office in room 208 for approval.
     Activity Participation Fee
    A participation fee of $50 will be assessed to each high school and middle school student involved in sports or activities. This participation fee will be charged only once for participation in one or more activities during the 2023-24 school year. Included in the participation fee are all high school and middle school sports and activities that have a paid coach or advisor or use District-funded transportation. A list of these activities that will incur a fee is available here. Students who participate in these activities and who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch will be eligible for a fee waiver.
    Student Activity Fundraising 
    To conduct a fundraiser, the Club/Organization must complete the Request for Student Fundraising Form and Use of Facilities Form. Once the club's faculty advisor has signed both forms, please return them to the Activities Office in room 208 for approval.