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    Cyndi Hyatt
    ext. 1095 
    Please use this page to link to my classes and clubs. 

    Pages include course overviews, general information, some assignments and important announcements.

    What I teach:
    Introduction to Theater Arts
    Advanced Theater Arts
    Gifted Support
    SAT Strategies 
    The Spoke
    What I sponsor/advise:

    Drama Club 
    National History Club
    The Spoke 
    BS Mass Communication, Emerson College
    Master of Education, Penn State University
    Outside Activities:
    Certified Journalism Educator, Journalism Education Association
    Member of the National Student Press Rights Commission of the Journalism Education Association
    Adviser 45 Words - National Student Organization promoting the First Amendment and student journalism 
    National Endownment for Humanities Summer Scholar, Gullah Voices, summer 2015
    Journalism Education Association Adviser's Institute, summer 2013
    National History Day Teacher Institute, summer 2009
    Email: hyattc@tesd.net


Last Modified on September 7, 2015