• Mr. John J. Herd
    US History / Psychology / Sociology
    Email: herdj@tesd.net / Room #218
    Welcome to the 2016-17 school year!
    Mr. Herd's fall schedule:
    1st period -  US History (Accelerated)
    2nd period - US History (Accelerated)
    4th period -  Sociology (Honors / Accelerated)
    5th period -  Hall duty (outside my room) 
    7th period -  Sociology Honors / Accelerated)
    8th period -  Psychology (Honors / Accelerated)
    Expectations for the school year:
    1. Students will follow the three basic classroom rules:
       Do the right thing;
       Always do your best;
       Be nice to others!
    2. Students will come to class prepared everyday! (bring notebook, pencil, homework (if due), water, fleece/sweater)   
    3. Students will take intellectual chances! (meaning they will share thoughts with the group and ask questions)
    4. Students will treat all other students with respect; students will respect the right for other students to have differing opinions; verbal/personal attacks will not be tolerated. 
    Notebook requirement: you will need to bring a notebook everyday - one that you do your homework in and take class notes with -  you will turn in the entire notebook when homework textbook notes are due instead of ripping out the pages.  It is best that you use the notebook for this class only. You will need to bring your notebooks everyday.
     Habits to avoid:
    • coming to class late frequently.
    • leaving the room during class time frequently.
    • packing your book bag up before class is over.
    • having your phone out during class (it should be off and put away). 
    Contacting me: If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is through my school email at herdj@tesd.net
Last Modified on July 27, 2016