• teacher  Mrs. Chrys Haldeman
    Kindergarten Teacher  •  Room 224

    Email: haldemanc@tesd.net  •  Voicemail: 610-240-2767

    Sweet Dreams!

    Bedtime routines, dreams, and other nighttime themes will be explored.  We will read and create books focusing on story elements of character, setting, problem, solution, and beginning/middle/end.

    In math, we will learn about time.  Connecting to our daily calendar activities, we will continue learning about the days of the week, and months of the year.  We will experiment with activities that take more/less time, and we will learn about time to the hour on both analog and digital clocks. In science, we will learn about day and night; the sun, moon, and stars; and nocturnal animals.

    We will close this theme with a classroom campout, recreating several camping rituals.  

    During the winter, we will continue to go outside for daily recess on the days when the temperature and/or wind chill does not dip too far below freezing.  As long as the blacktop area and stairs are snow and ice free, we can go out after it snows.  Please be sure that your child is prepared with a warm coat, gloves, hat, etc.


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