• Physical EducationPHYSICAL EDUCATION
    Physical Education Classes
    Physical Education is offered twice a cycle at Beaumont. In kindergarten and first grade we work on locomotor movement skills, body and spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and cooperation skills. In second, third, and fourth grade, we focus on promoting life long physical activities that children can take with them for the rest of their lives. These activities promote healthy life choices that will benefit both physical and mental health and wellness. Some of these activities include soccer, hockey, volleyball, frisbee, dance, yoga, gymnastics, problem solving games, and lacrosse- just to name a few. We also include Fitness Gram testing once a year.
     After School Sports
    After School Sports this year will be held on Thursday for 2nd graders, Tuesday for 3rd graders, and Wednesday for 4th graders. This is a chance for children to play team and cooperative games with their grade level peers after school once a week. It begins immediately after school and ends at 4:30. Students must sign up in the beginning of the year.