• Third Grade
    Students in third grade are grouped for integrated core and math. Integrated core includes language arts, social studies, science, and health. Language Arts includes reading, written language and literature, handwriting, speaking, listening, creative expression, and spelling.
    -Directed reading activities using Literacy by Design Series
    -Silent Reading
    -Read Aloud Books
     Using the Math in Focus Series
    -Place Value
    -Number/Numeral Concepts
    Addition and Subtraction concepts and facts
    Addition and Subtraction with regrouping
    Multiplication and Division concepts Multiplication and Division facts Multiplication and Division by one digit
    -Collecting, Organizing, Graphing Data
    -Fractions and decimals
    -Measurement Time and Money Customary System Metric System
    -Problem Solving using critical thinking
    -Word lists
    -Spelling and Vocabulary from Literacy by Design
    -Complete Sentences
    -Kinds of sentences
    -Parts of speech
    Written Composition

    -First Draft
    -Revising for Content/ Editing
    -Final copy
    -Plants and Honeybees
    -Chemical Testing
    -Rocks and Minerals
    -Land and Water
    -Environmental Studies
    Social Studies

    -Maps and Globes
    -Project Election
    -Native American Cultures: Sioux, Seminole, Hopi, Haida -Lenni-Lenape
    -Pennsylvania History and Geography
    -Pennsylvania Government
    -Famous Pennsylvanians -Chester County
    Homework Tips

    Encourage Good Homework Habits
    -It teaches responsibility
    -It builds study habits
    -It fosters independence
    -It connects home and school
    Establish Rules and Guidelines
    -Set up time when homework will be done each day.
    -Set up a place that is quiet, has good lighting, is equipped with necessary supplies, and offers lots of workspace.
    -Visit your child to answer questions and to praise. Your child is to do the work. -
    Have homework placed in the homework folder in the book bag as soon as the homework is finished.
    -Use a timer to help a child that has difficulty staying on task.
    -Allow free time or family time after the homework is done.
    Reading Strategies
    1. Making Connctions
    2. Asking Questions
    3. Infer
    4. Synthesize
    5. Monitor Understanding
    6. Create Images
    7. Fix-up strategies
    8. Determine Importance 
    An integral part of the program for third grade is weekly reporting of progress in the completion of work, behavior, organization and responsibility. Each child receives a report on Friday. Over the weekend, parents and children should discuss the report and parents should sign it. The report is due back the following Monday. The goal is to obtain a grade of “S” in each area in order to earn a strip of tickets. The children can use these tickets for trading with the teacher for forgotten supplies or to earn special privileges.

    -Demonstrates listening skills
    -Follows directions
    -Uses class time wisely
    -Returns homework
    -Demonstrates organizational skills
    -Has materials for class
    -Is kind and respectful to others
    -Shows effort in work
    -Behaves appropriately