• music notesClassroom Music Instruction
    At Devon Elementary the goals of the music program are to provide the opportunity for every child to learn the basic skills of singing and reading music, to develop song repertoire, and to broaden listening skills. Once a week, every child meets with the music teacher for a period of thirty to fifty minutes for musical activities that include listening, singing, performing, moving, reading, and creating. Through these activities, the students learn concepts dealing with the major elements of music which are rhythm, melody, form and harmony, tone, color, style, and expressive qualities. In third grade, students are introduced to the "recorder" as an adjunct to the music reading program.

    The Chorus is a great place for any and all Fourth Graders to make music, make friends, and have fun! Chorus rehearses on Tuesdays before school at 8:00am.
    If Day 6 falls on a Tuesday, Chorus rehearsal will take place on a different day that week. The Fourth grade Chorus performs in the Winter and Spring Concerts.
    Instrumental Music

    Third and Fourth grade students may elect instruction on the violin, viola or cello. Fourth grade students may receive instruction on string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.