pePhysical Education

    Physical education contributes to the well being of students through participation in activities designed to meet their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. It is a tool used to develop individual values of good citizenship and sportsmanship for real-life situations. As students move through the elementary grades, there is an increased degree of difficulty in skills and a greater emphasis on team play. The program is designed to provide equal opportunities for all students to participate in physical activities that promote self-confidence and the ability to work in coeducational groups. Our physical education program includes:

    Kindergarten and Grade 1
    Locomotive skills
    Eye hand coordination
    Ball handling skills
    Game type activities
    Movement and posture education

    Grades 2, 3 and 4
    Physical fitness, testing
    Start of formal exercise
    Stunts, tumbling, apparatus
    Rhythmics and dance
    Game program
    Sports program
    Individual/dual activities