• Some Things Never Change
    Each day dismissal can be a very hectic time at Valley Forge with buses moving through the bus loop and numerous cars working their way through the parent pick-up line. The following memo was sent home to parent by Principal John Reilly on October 2, 1958. Note the difference in dismissal time from the present schedule as well as the travel arrangement (not possible today because of insurance issues) for students missing buses.
    U R G E N T  A P P E A L
    Once again we must urgently request the help of our parents and patrons driving into the school area to pick up youngsters.
    The buses are scheduled to leave the school area by 2:50 P.M. Walkers and bicycle riders must wait until the buses are clear of the school area before they may begin leaving. We are once again asking parents driving in to pick up youngsters to exercise caution while in the school area.
    Usually on rainy days there is an increase of traffic around the school. Remember, we will see that your youngster gets to the proper bus for the trip home. If something happens to cause a youngster to miss a bus we will personally drive him home. We are also asking parents not to try for a quick conference with the teacher at dismissal time. Each teacher is personally responsible for her group making the proper bus and we want each teacher not to be distracted from this important job.
    Please use parking areas when coming in to the school. If you park along the driveway, it causes congestion and a traffic hazard.
    Once again we are asking your utmost cooperation in protecting the safety of your youngsters coming to and leaving the school.
    John V. Reilly, Principal
    Valley Forge Elementary School
    Oct. 2, 1958