Second Grade Team

    Our goal in second grade is to develop good work-study skills that will empower students to become self-directed, creative, life-long learners and responsible citizens.

    Integrated Core - In Integrated Core, children are instructed in Language Arts, Social Studies, Health and Science. Social Studies and Science concepts are integrated into the reading selections whenever possible. We believe that students learn best when disciplines are integrated.

    Language Arts
    - Our goal in Language Arts is to foster a love for reading, increase facility with written expression, and strengthen children’s ability in verbal communication. We individualize our program as much as possible to meet the needs of all our students. When appropriate, we regroup for the teaching of specific skills.

    - We read for a variety of purposes and from a variety of sources. Our primary basal series is Literacy by Design, published by Harcourt-Achieve. Along with this series, we utilize many other reading curricula, such as book sets and skill work materials.

    Grammar - We introduce and study grammar through individual writing, reading and on going class lessons.

    Spelling - The second grade uses the Literacy by Design spelling program. In addition, some of your child's new words may come from his/her own writing activities and curriculum related words.

    Creative Writing - Every teacher on the team emphasizes and encourages writing activities. We spend a considerable amount of time on these activities, focusing on the process of writing, which includes pre-writing, composing, reflecting, revising and editing. We follow the T/E Writing Framework.

    Literature - We read to the children and discuss the literary works recommended for developing appreciation and critical thinking at their level. Our reference is the district's literature program. Areas taught in literature include Folk Tales, Fanciful Tales, Animal Tales, Realistic Fiction, Poetry, Adventure, Fables, Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction. Each class meets regularly with the Media Specialist to learn and reinforce specific literary skills.

    Social Studies
    units for this year consist of Ancient Times/Dinosaurs, Ancient China, Exploration/Immigration, and Flight.

    Science units are Soils, Changes, Balancing and Weighing, Life Cycle of the Butterfly, The Solar System, Sound and Go Green.

    Health units are Safety, Care of the Body, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, and Family Life.

    Mathematics -  

    Second grade uses Math in Focus:  Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish, the world-class math curriculum from Singapore adapted for U.S.classrooms based on updated math standards.  At school, your child will learn math concepts and practice extensively to develop a deeper understanding.  Your child will also participate in activities or games, and discuss his or her findings in class.  Math in Focus addresses topics in greater depth at each grade.  By the end of the year, your second grader will focus on:

    •            building problem-solving skills and strategies 
    •            counting, comparing, and writing numbers to 1000
    •            measuring length, mass, and volume 
    •            work with time and money
    •            use bar models to compare sets
    •            represent and solve problems using addition and subtraction
    •            understand multiplication as equal groups and division as sharing equally
    •            understand fractions as equal parts