• Fourth Grade Team

    Our goal for children in fourth grade is to improve their working and study skills, which will enable them to continue on the road to becoming critical thinkers and learners, as well as responsible citizens. In addition, a focus for this year is the development of social skills and the enhancement of self-esteem.
    Language Arts
    Our goal in language arts is to foster a love of reading, increase facility with written expression, and strengthen your child's skills in verbal communication. We use a variety of strategies to meet the needs of all our students. They include individual and group activities.
    1. Reading - At this level, using the Literacy by Design series, we emphasize developing comprehension and critical thinking skills. We take a balanced approach to teaching reading by integrating a number of litterer genres within our program.
    2. Listening and Speaking - Throughout the school year students will participate in ongoing activities to develop listening and speaking skills.
    3. Spelling -The Fourth Grade currently uses Literacy by Design for spelling instruction. In addition, some of your child's new words may come from his/her own writing activities and our science and social studies program.
    4. Written Expression – We will continue to develop the writing process skills. Types of writing will include informational, opinion and narrative. Students will become familiar with the Pennsylvania Writing Domain rubric which includes style, focus, content, organization and conventions.
    The math classes work with a variety of textbooks and supplemental materials. The Math in Focus series will be used this year. The areas of concentration are whole number operations and place value, number theory, rational numbers, graphs, geometry, measurement and word problems. There will be additional enrichment activities to help your children increase their skills as problem solvers.
    Social Studies
    Fourth Graders study geography skills and the history of the United States starting with the first European settlements. The text we will use is Houghton Mifflin's Social Studies: U.S. History – Early Years.
    We will be studying Ecosystems, Electric Circuits, MicroWorlds, and Motion design this year. The District has adopted the National Science Resource Center's program, "Science and Technology for Children". We will have science 3 times during a 6-day cycle. This includes 2 labs and 1 classroom instruction.
    Lifeskills is a program designed to enhance self esteem and a positive self-image. These ten lessons pro most problem solving skills, identifying health choices, and pro-active decision making.
    Homework Policy
    Homework is a necessary part of the curriculum and vital to the learning process. It provides the necessary practice of skills and enriches upon classroom experience. Consistent homework completion fosters responsibility, independence and good study skills and work habits.
    Parents can help by providing an atmosphere conducive to study, including a quiet, well-lighted work place, ample space, and the necessary materials. Helping your child develop a satisfactory study schedule, which includes ample time to study regularly and complete long and short term assignments will ensure consistency. Encouraging reading at home on a regular basis will help solidify skills learned in the classroom.