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    Can you tell the difference between art that hangs in a museum and art done by small children?  Take this quiz from abc News:  http://abcnews.go.com/2020/popup?id=527562
    Megan Fizell blogs about art and food on her website Feasting on Art.  Megan discusses a work and then shares a recipe she has developed based on each piece. 

    Dalton Ghetti carves sculpture from the point of a pencil, and has a lot to tell you about patience in this New York Times article.

    Brian Dettmer is recycling books into intricate sculpture!  Watch a short video about his work here.

    Street artist Banksy has work that is controversial but intriguing. 
    Gillian Pokalo
      (daughter of our very own Mrs. Pokalo) creates collage images using a photographic screen printing process.  She displays her work locally.  One of her prints was featured on the ABC comedy Modern Family.  Check out her website!

    Drawing Fire
    excerpts from combat artist Michael D. Fay's memoir, published in 5 parts on the New York Times website. Includes images of his work.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art an incredible Art History Resource

    Create your own Jackson Pollock Style Painting online.

    How many paintings can you identify in this video 70 Million by the band Hold your Horses?

    Design Sponge is a great design blog that has trends in design and features several young artists and designers every week.

    Maira Kalman, writer and illustrator for the NY Times has a fun and creative blog about history and art, life, etc.  Her illustrations are colorful and made with gouache, a kind of opaque watercolor. 

    Smarthistory is a wonderful place to learn about Art History!  

    Some Visual and Auditory Illusions with Scientific research to explain.

    styrofoam cup art!

    Negative Space Interactive Video

    Check out Abbey Ryan's small oil paintings. She makes a new one everyday.

    More Artists who make work everyday.

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