• Emergency Closing Information

    Serious weather conditions or other emergencies may make it necessary to close or delay the opening of schools. Announcements will be made on the TE All-Call Phone Notification System, the TESD website, the T/E Information Hotline - (610) 240-1970, T/E TV on Comcast Cable Channel 14 and Verizon Channel 20, as well as on local commercial television stations. Parents are encouraged to establish emergency procedures with their children ahead of time to prepare for early school closings. 

    Early Dismissal Times: *

    Grades 9-12: 11:45 am
    Grades 5-8: 12:17 pm
    Grades K-4: 12:45 pm
    * subject to change based on specific weather conditions

    Two-Hour Delays
    In the event of a two-hour delay, school will begin two hours after the school's regularly scheduled start time. Kindergarten classes will follow the modified kindergarten schedule below on two-hour delay days.
    Modified Kindergarten Schedule for Two-Hour Delays

    AM and PM kindergarten sessions will follow a modified schedule on days when inclement weather results in a 2-hour delayed opening. Each kindergarten session will be reduced by 1 hour when there is a delayed opening to provide equal instructional time for both sessions. AM kindergarten classes will begin at 11:10 am and will conclude at the modified pick-up time of 1:05 pm. Parents of PM kindergarten students should drop their children off at the modified start time of 1:50 pm. School dismissal time for PM kindergarten students remains at 3:45 pm. As a result, AM kindergarten students who use bus transportation to school will be picked up at their bus stops 2 hours later than usual and PM kindergarten students will ride the bus home at their regularly scheduled time. Parents are asked to make note of the change in the mid-day pick-up and drop-off times on days when there is a 2-hour delayed opening.
    Modified Kindergarten Schedule
    AM Kindergarten: 11:10 am – 1:05 pm
    PM Kindergarten: 1:50 pm – 3:45 pm
    TE All-Call Emergency Phone Notification System
    Automated phone calls, text messages and emails will be sent to parents through the TE All-Call phone notification system, powered by SchoolMessenger. Please contact your school's main office if you need to add or change one of your contact numbers for TE All-Call. Click here to learn more about the TE All-Call system.
    From time to time technical issues beyond the District's control may cause some calls generated by TE All-Call to not be received by the call recipient. If the weather is inclement and parents have not received a call from TE All-Call, they are advised to call the T/E Information Hotline at 610-240-1970, check the T/E School District website, or check local TV networks. To confirm or change your phone numbers on file in the TE All-Call system, please contact the main office of your child’s school.
    T/E Information Hotline (610) 240-1970
    Emergency closing information will be the first message the caller will hear. If there is no special message at the beginning of the recording, then no emergency closing is in effect at that time.
    TV Networks
    • WKYW (CBS)
    • WTXF (Fox 29)
    • WCAU (NBC 10)
    • WPVI (ABC)

    A Child's Place Before/After School Care
    For information on A Child’s Place before or after school care program, please contact A Child’s Place directly at (610) 687-4999.
    Parents are encouraged to make appropriate arrangements and review emergency procedures with their children prior to a delayed opening, early dismissal or cancellation of school.
    Emergency Closing Make-Up Days