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    Mrs. Braun and Mrs. McQuate
    Mrs. Braun and Mrs. McQuate 
    Elementary Art Team

    Left to right  Mrs. McQuate, Mrs. Braun, Mrs. Moye, and Miss Donnelly 
    Mrs. Mary Jo McQuate
    Art Teacher at 
    New Eagle and  Valley Forge 
    Email: mcquatem@tesd.net

    French artist Henri Matisse once said, "Creativity takes Courage." I find this statement to be both true and inspiring. As a teacher, I see courage everyday as students create incredible drawings and paintings on blank sheets of paper, detailed sculptures out of balls of clay, and amazing ideas from their bright imaginations. My goal is to inspire each student to believe in themselves and to make art that reflects their own unique style and personality. We learn about Art history to better understand methods, techniques, reasons for making art, and aesthetic values of different cultures and times. We learn about art materials and experiment with tools and methods in pencil, clay, printmaking, collage and many more! My dream is that each student has the courage to pursue his or her creative ideas and enjoy the process of making art. I hope my students include art and creativity in their lives in whatever profession they choose later in life.

    Please visit the school often to see student artwork on display throughout the school. My door is always open if you would like to talk or see what your young artist is creating. I have many suggestions for art museums, art programs, and activities that can be done outside of school. Thank you for your continuing support.

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