• Conestoga High School Teacher Press Release
    The District received notification from the police that criminal charges have been filed against Carol Wittschieben, a Conestoga High School Chemistry teacher. The charges arose from an incident occurring on December 10, 2012, during which Ms. Wittschieben was removed from the High School building after becoming ill at school during the student day. The District takes matters of student safety very seriously, and we have and will continue to cooperate with the police investigation. Ms. Wittschieben has been placed on leave pending the results of the investigation. The School Solicitor directed that the District is not able to comment on any of the specifics of the case; however, the District is cooperating fully with authorities. In addition, the District will notify the parents of Ms. Wittschieben’s students as to her replacement in the classroom. Please direct any questions to Kevin Fagan, Conestoga High School Assistant Principal, at 610-240-1003.